Viagra: effects and contraindications

What are the causes of erectile dysfunction? To answer this question you need to know what is damaged and why. To understand the whole clinical picture you need to know how the erection mechanism works.

How does it work?

Penis erection depends on the central nervous system. It is a complicated process and all the organs involved must work properly to guarantee it. When physical damage occurs it is difficult to recover it with the help of pills: it is clear that surgery is necessary.

When do problems arise erectile dysfuction?

The problems may be due to: Vasculogenic, neurogenic, gormonales and anatomical causes. This means that the absence of an erection is due to:

  • absence of blood access to the penis;
  • damaged nervous system, the signal does not reach the penis;
  • low testosterone level;
  • anatomical changes due to which the structure deteriorates.

A man can suffer from a disease that causes erectile dysfunction. For example, atherosclerosis, when the arteries are compacted and blood circulation is difficult. Even the man with Diabetes enters the group at risk. First of all, a large amount of sugar in the blood affects the circulation.

Secondly, the disease affects the nerve endings of the penis that causes erectile dysfunction. There are many patients with erectile dysfunction who suffer from diabetes millietus. It is important to know how to diagnose well and develop a correct treatment plan if you want to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction.

Neurogenic problems can also cause erectile dysfunction

For example, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis. Moreover thyroid diseases also cause erectile dysfunction.

There are many diseases that can cause the problem of erectile dysfunction and it is important to determine the cause of the treatment to be more effective. You must know if the erectile dysfunction is due to diuretics, fibrates or antidepressants. The patient’s psychological state is also important. Depression or anxiety also affect erectile capacity. The same happens with other psychological traumas.

Sometimes the causes of erectile dysfunction can be easily explained and differentiated. But in most cases the causes are many and create a problem. In these cases it is up to the doctor to know how to find the initial cause and determine the treatment