How long does the effect of Viagra last?

Many people are interested because Viagra has become so popular among men who have many problems with sexual potency. The fact is that not everyone accepts it as a magic remedy or a panacea for all sexual conditions. In reality, this pill is not. This drug has become such a common medicine for other reasons. The main reason is that it has a special property that stands out for its period of action. For this reason, to dispel all the possible doubts on this case, read our new publication. At the end, you will know how long Viagra lasts.

Not in vain in the case of Viagra the duration of the activity is the main question that concerns so much all men. Every man who understands his vigor has a strong need to sexually satisfy every woman every time more durable sex. In truth, this question does not yet have a clear answer.

Thus the duration of action of Viagra is a purely individual factor and depends in many cases on their constitution and body weight, peculiarities of the digestive system and the tolerance of those pills from the body. Some male representatives say that taking Viagra will last for at least 4 hours. Others have all the kindness to claim to experience the effectiveness of Viagra, including the next morning. So what we would like to communicate is that it works individually for every particular man.

It is very important to keep in mind that the planning of Viagra administration plays a very important role for sexual performance. For example, if the drug is taken on an empty stomach or before eating, then we have excellent news. In this case, the effectiveness of Viagra will be more evident and lasting than if it was ingested only by eating something.


The explanation of such an effect is very simple and understandable – the stomach will be more loaded; and that’s why it takes more time before the pills are digested and the active component goes into the blood. This is why there is no reason to deny the effectiveness of Viagra, but it is necessary to give more information to this fact and always take into account the delay of the activity so that Viagra can be absorbed very well by the body.

To understand the duration of Viagra’s action, it is necessary to fully understand the mechanism of the appearance of the erection. In the first place, sexual excitement works like this: it dilates the blood vessels of the small pelvis, increases the flow of blood to the penis which makes it more solid, increases in size. All of these are the direct symptoms of the appearance of an erection. It is worth remembering that at the end of the sexual act the tension of the penis is reduced, even the blood flow towards their tissues becomes less tense, consequently the erection disappears and the penis returns to its normal size and conditions.

But there are cases when a man is taking medication with specific drugs or has a list of chronic diseases in the body.

In this case the problems often arise with the circulation of blood throughout the body and then this disorder spreads to the small vessels, including the penis. In such a situation even intense sexual excitement does not guarantee sufficient blood flow to the penis. The consequence of this effect is that an erection does not appear or is so loose that it is not enough to start or maintain sexual contact. If such problems re-emerge for a long time, all the symptoms indicate in a certain disease that it is commonly known as erectile dysfunction.

Another very positive feature of taking Viagra is that this drug can positively influence not only the sexual potency and support of the erection, but also improves the quality of the same intimacy, prolongs the sexual act, also improves the sexual feelings of orgasm.

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How can the effectiveness of Viagra be defined?

Pay attention to the following information that can be very useful. It can be used so that every man can understand what the duration of Viagra’s activity means and its effectiveness in every particular case. Supported by the information provided below, it can be precisely defined how long the effect of Viagra lasts.